Tales of Aedion

Horror at Gennwich

What unspeakable horror do the villagers of the remote coastal hamlet of Gennwich hide?


The Jade Fangs ponder the future, and the recent events of the ritualistic killings in the guild tavern of Andraxo and Associates. Their sometimes employer, retired adventurer and manager of the Santem adventuring office of A&A, Walf, asked if the heroes would be willing to partake in a quick job with a two day turn around. He informs them that a ship, the Crown Throne was departed earlier, north to Daenmier, carrying some stolen art, which was hidden in rice barrels. The Captain, a Marsaulan, picked up some travelers who needed to be dropped off at an island mid route, and the Crown Throne never arrived in Daenmier. He offered them some money if they would find out what happened, and a sizable bonus if they recovered the art.

So the intrepid heroes set off to the wharf and found passage on a cargo ship going north, emulating the journey of their missing paintings. After a bit of gambling and stern words with the crew, they were dropped off at the mist shrouded port village of Gennwick, where the tall black pines loomed over the settlement, and seemed to push the moldy buildings into the sea.

Upon arriving late that evening, Suma Dath suggested they stay at the only Inn, and were unnerved by the resident owner, who rented them a straw matted room upstairs. No hero could sleep as the fog outside seemed to hide shambling citizens and ghastly carts which rolled by and disappeared and the entire experience felt macabre. The next day, they awoke, and went down to the port, and found a shifty harbor master, who, after some “persuasion”, intimated that a ship had come by, and that the passengers aboard were actually the patriarch of the town nobility. At the edge of a dock, a nervous sailor was watching the Jade Fangs and they elected to inquire with him. The sailor wore fancy Marsaulan boots, objects well beyond the wealth of a salty deck hand, and his continuous eying of the northern coast line gave the Jade Fangs cause to accost him, beat him, and drag him with them through the woods.

After four miles, Tog, Tavik and Suma Dath discovered the Crown Throne, in a small river inlet, being attended to by a dozen pirates. In a short battle, the Jade Fangs dispatched all the pirates, and were given cause to suspect that the town survived off the loot the pirates hauled in. So they decided to return to the town, and inquire with the leadership, and possibly recover the stolen paintings.

Back in town, the population was absent, although a great deal of noise was emitting from an old temple, that looked like the rest of the village was built around. When they entered the temple, they discovered an unspeakable ritual, the flayed bodies of the Crown Throne’s crew, and horrid fish-men, along with the entire town lost in an orgy of agony. Supervising this foul demonstration was the patriarch who rode with the Crown Throne, and a unknown swollen fish woman, who had some affinity for casting magic. The Jade Fangs entered battle, assisted by the late arrival of their partner Enry Oldcrow and slew the fishmen, and all the town’s inhabitants.
They returned to Santem on the recovered Crown Throne, which they renamed the “Deuce Nickles” and collected their reward.



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