Tales of Aedion

The Doom of Karughaz

Chapter 1


The heroes met for the first time beneath the towering walls of the city of Karughaz. All of our heroes were members of various sell sword companies, and selected for a special task. The armies that lay siege to Karughaz were stricken with a violent series of plagues, and some action needed to be taken quickly. The Emerian war lords decided a small group would explore down a well, through the ruins of a forgotten city buried under the sands beneath the current city of Karughaz. Once through, they might find a way into the beleaguered city, open the gate, and allow the hordes of mercenaries to flow in and ransack the city.

This band of mercenaries and sell swords included the Raptor Rider Tavrik Brisben, a Half Orc Ranger named Krusk, Azzazzaran a wayward Elvish Cleric and the mad alchemist Rycroft. They set upon their work immediately and descended into a well in the yellow tobacconist sector of the army. Inside, they found a colossal cavern that hinted at no end in sight. After some exploring and leadership by the half Orc Ranger, they found access to the ruins of an ancient water god’s temple. After being assailed by some spider creatures, they entered and found a secret passage through a statue which led to the remains of the ancient city buried beneath Karughaz. While traveling through the ruins, they found a bridge over a dry canyon, with strange blue lights pulsating from its depths, and stranger chanting emitting from below. A poor cyclops was found at the bridge, and assaulted promptly, and without question. After Azzazzaran opened the belly of the one eyed giant, spilling the greasy ropes of his intestines onto the bridge, Krusk beheaded the monster, and threw it’s head into the depths. They found an access through a sewer system, and climbed into the belly of Karughaz above.

When they reached the city, they arrived via a Colosseum which had been turned into some sort of impromptu grave for the many victims of the siege. The heroes were shaken by a deep earth tremor, and the savaged dead began to rise. More earth quakes devastated more of the city and the gang found themselves split. Half trying to open the gate, and the other in a pit created by the rapidly collapsing city, which seemed to be slowly consumed through earthquake into the remains of the forgotten city below. Azzazzaran saved a young human girl, and they all escaped through the main gate, as most of the city fell into the earth, and spilled into the near by ocean. They were rescued by a cohort of 200 Paladins who were fighting the remains of the army which the day prior laid siege to the city. Under the protection of the Paladins, all made it safely away into the near by hills.



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