Tales of Aedion

The Mystery of Five Bloods

A series of ritualistic slayings match the methods of an executed serial killer

Saphire guild

Red Temple District, City of Santem, Republic of Virigilinae

Suma Dath the city watchmen had recently arrested and hung a local butcher for killing six prostitutes in the Red Temple district of Santem. They were gruesome killings, done in a strange fashion, which involved deliberate cutting of strange shapes and stuffing the wounds and body cavity with the dried plant remains of Venom Weed and King’s Leaf. Six weeks after he had been celebrated for solving the horrible slayings, another victim was discovered in an alleyway near the wharf. Attempting to preserve his fame, Suma Dath hired Tog and Tavik of the Jade Fangs to escort him and provide intimidating muscle while he wrapped up this copy cat slaying.

The three traveled to the scene of the crime and inquired with the owner of the nearby Boar’s head Tavern, and the shop keeper of an exotic spices dealer next to the scene of the crime. While they left the tavern, they noticed they were being observed by strange easterners in hooded cloaks. From the spice trader, they discovered that the city Assassin’s guild, the “Nine Coils” uses Venom Weed frequently as a poison. Also, the victim, a cleric of Church of Amaerth, frequented the alley often, and gave alms to the hungry and poor. In the alley a prostitute named Luecille slept regularly, and she might have seen something, but she was not around at the time. Due to the suspicious nature of the killings Tavik decided to inquire with Ishbarb, his arcanist friend at the Santem University.

Ishbarb told them that it was very strange, and was convinced that the Venomweed and the Kingsleaf were someone a symbolic gesture. He said he would research the issue, and told them to return the next day.

Suma Dath decided to follow up both with the Church of Amaerth and the Assassin’s guild. First arriving at the Church of Amaerth, they encountered the high priest who was a jittery and paranoid cleric. Finding little of significance, they went to the Assassin’s Guild and talked with some agent, who after a bit of gambling intimated that they had not preformed any of the killings.

The next day, they returned to Ishbarb, and strangely found his office locked, where upon they broke in, and discovered him dead inside. In his back, was carved the circular symbol of the Nine Coils Assassin’s guild. Inside the wounds were stuffed venomweed and kingsleaf. Inside his sleeve was the title of a book, the “Cadet branches and history of the Gisellese clan in Virgilinae,” and local family who owned a copy. That night, town criers announced the death of a trade boss, and underground crime figure in a brutal fashion.

The owner of the book was an exiled Duke who owned a manor in the noble district of Santem, with the book kept away in his private library. Deciding against asking to borrow the copy, the party decided to just ask Enry Oldcrow to steal a copy. After researching through the book, they discovered that the family had slain a sorcerer-lord who ruled the area hundreds of years ago, and lead a cabal named the Sapphire Vein Conclave. Furthermore, when the wizards were slain, a curse was levied on the family, vowing to avenge their loss, and return by spilling blood of faith, the blood of wisdom, the blood money, and the blood of kings.

After digesting these facts, the gang hurried to the home of the Duke of the Gisellese family, realizing that the Cleric, Ishbarb and the Trade boss were all distantly related to the Duke. They had arrived too late, and discovered the daughter of the Duke had been kidnapped, and the city magical inquisitor Danwir dismissed Suma Dath from the scene. After some more research, they discovered the old sorcerer-lord had been killed in what was currently an abandoned theater, and was likely the scene of the soon-to-be murder of the daughter of the Duke from Gisellese. The Jade Fangs arrived at the site prior to any rituals, and killed a half dozen wizards, aided by the late arrival of Enry Oldcrow. Oddly, a strange assassin leaped from the shadows and died in combat.

After returning the daughter of the Duke, Suma Dath was dismissed from the city guard by Inquisitor Danwir. Although they were handsomely rewarded by the Duke. The Adventure ended with Suma Dath signing the contract with Andraxo and Associates and formally joining the Jade Fangs.



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