Tales of Aedion

The Hungry Village of Durrana

Someone is hungry in the village of Durrana...


Peausir Province, Republic of Virgilinae

Village Cannibals and the Jade Fangs

The Fighter Tavik was hired by the arcanist Ishbarb of the University of Santem to recover a small book collection in a recently discovered buried house in the hamlet of Durrana. The village had an unproductive copper mine, where miners opened a passage that exposed an ancient house of a dead lord of the Tyrean Empire from 700 years ago.

Outside the hamlet of Durrana, Tavik was approached by a northern Barbarian named Tog, who was looking for a vile member of his extended family named Kinin, who he heard was traveling to the same village. They decided to work together, as each others aims were mutual and traveled to the hamlet. When they arrived at the town they stayed at a small impoverished in and intimidated a local Bard into finding someone to help them explore the mine. The next day they hired a local miner, who complained that spirits and ghosts had haunted the mine, and shut down all production.

They descended into the mine and were attacked by several Goblins who had moved into the abandoned mine. They eventually arrived to the buried manor, and explored the site. Inside was the local Goblin band’s leader, a Hobgoblin, who had taken up residence in the house. After besting him in combat they discovered that someone had come by days earlier, and stolen the books they were looking for. The description of the earlier visitor matched Kinin, Tog’s sister’s lover, and the pair of heroes killed the Hobgoblin and set off after his cart.

Ruthlessly the heroes followed the tracks of the cart until it arrived in a small town called Cian. There they rested and discovered from the locals that the cart had taken off earlier that day, and several people of the town were missing. The heroes chased off after the cart and found an unnamed village off the main road that night. It seemed all of the town’s population was missing from their homes, and everyone was in the village temple. The cart was parked behind the temple.

Tog and Tavik climbed the back of the temple tower, and avoided the guards. Upon entering, they found a cannibal feast being held in the temple, where the villagers were eating the remains of many captured humans. The heroes slew all of the cannibals and descended into the basement where they found Kinin, and felled him. In the basement was a foul scene of a heinous kitchen, devoted to the butchering and cooking of men and women, and they rescued several of Cian’s captured villagers, including a count’s daughter and a young rogue named Enry Oldcrow. While Kinin was dying Tog tortured him into revealing the location of his family’s unholy activities, the city of Orsett in Daenmier, north of Virigilinae. There in the personal rooms of Kinin was the books Tavik was originally looking for, confirming that Kinin had explored the mine before Tog and Tavik arived. Together, they destroyed the unnamed village, and returned to Cian.

They were held captive by the town constable until their story was investigated. When their deeds were verified, they were hailed as heroes. The count celebrated them, and the heroes feasted. The were rewarded with gold, and took Enry Oldcrow with them to Santem, where they decided to file with an adventuring company as an official adventuring band.

The trio arrived at Andraxo and Associates, a re-purposed temple in a city district called Red Temple, near the city wharf. The company was run by a man named Walf, and after terms of contracts were drawn up, they signed on as “The Jade Fangs”. Tavik returned the books to Ishbarb, and he said he would look into the matter of wicked cults in Orsett, though he complained there was enough cult activity just around Santem. The adventure finished Tog and Tavik drinking ale in the Andraxo & Associates tavern.



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