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A World Fraught with Peril!

Aedion is a fantasy world, but one utterly bereft of the workings of petty gods and high magic. It is a world dominated by empires teetering on the brink of total war; a world shaped by the machinations of cruel tyrants and cunning warriors; a world where man himself can be the greatest of monsters.

Ancient horrors lurk in ever-encroaching shadows, even as the high and mighty dismiss reports of reunited Orcish war-hordes. The dreaded blackdream threatens to break the arcane levies of the human mind. And there are the faintest whispers that the undead, minions of an unnameable lich-god, conspire to infiltrate the courts of lords and kings, even as they laugh at the Elfish God-King’s dusty warnings of a forgotten enemy to all mortal races….

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